"Who's Dead?" is the 39th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


Annalise receives a tip about A.D.A. Atwood that leads to a heated confrontation with Nate. Meanwhile, the deadly events leading up to Annalise’s house fire reveal who’s under the sheet.[2]


Flashback: Wes receives Annalise's voicemail in the police interrogation room, prompting him to sneak out of the police station hours before his death.

Notes and Trivia Edit

Notes Edit

  • This episode scored 4.95 million viewers.

Important Events Edit

  • It is revealed that Wes is #UnderTheSheet, as half of his body was burned by the fire at Annalise's House.

Title Edit

  • In the hospital, after we see piece by piece various characters making their way to the hospital, the last of them, Connor, walks over towards Bonnie and the first and only thing he said to anyone there was, “Who’s Dead?” All at the hospital knew someone had died (as that was why they were all there) but only Bonnie knew who.

Music Edit

  • More More More - Andrea True Connection
  • Black Car - Leon Else
  • Fuel to Fire (David Lynch Remix) - Agnes Obel
  • Surrender - IAMX
  • Burn - Cody Crump
  • Burn (Gunnery Remix) - Cody Crump



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