"What Happened to You, Annalise?" is the 25th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


A few weeks have passed since Wes shot Annalise. Wes and The Keating 5 deal with the fallout from that night, as Annalise is faced with a complicated road to recovery.[2]


Notes and Trivia


  • This episode scored 5.82 million viewers.


  • Bonnie made a visit to Nate’s apartment so he could come over and visit Annalise and hopefully help her. He sees the state that she’s in while they sit in the living area. “What happened to you Annalise? I’ve known some unhappy people in my life, been one at times. But what you did -- did you want to die? Because it's hard to be around someone who does that. I want to know you, I do, but not this way.”


  • Operatic3 (feat. Geeta Novotny) - Dallask
  • The End - Nostalghia
  • Left Speaker Blown - Liars





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