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Season 2 Premiere Party Menu

Asnow89 January 30, 2015 User blog:Asnow89

The Season 2 premiere of How to Get Away with Murder is ALMOST HERE! To celebrate, we cooked up a murderous menu just for you. Create these killer recipes, inspired by the show, for your friends or family at your very own premiere party. Enjoy!

This turkey chili is KILLER. Don't tell your friends what's in it- make them solve their own mystery to figure it out.


Make some bloody, rare steaks for your friends just in case the premiere episode is, well, bloody.


Hide the body part cookies around your house if you want to make a game out of it! Otherwise dig into these murderous cookies.


Drink up these Lady Killers while you watch everything go DOWN! Annalise would approve.

Which recipe is your favorite?

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Do you have any tasty How to Get Away with Murder themed food or drink recipe ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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