D.A. Todd Denver was a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was initially a ADA in the District Attorney's Office until he was promoted to district attorney of Philadelphia. He was killed by Jorge Castillo for presumibly messing up with Bonnie.


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Denver ordering Bonnie to fire Laurel. ("Was She Ever Good at Her Job?")

Denver is called by Bonnie asking for a job since she was fired from Annalise's firm. Initially denying her request for obvious reasons, Bonnie blackmailed him into hiring her. Whilst she was going in for an interview in his office, Nate saw her enter and assumed that it was one of Annalise's ploys. A couple of weeks later, following Annalise Keating's desire to open a case against the public defender's office, Bonnie comes to Denver asking if she can have a small team to tackle the lawsuit so that the District Attorney's Office isn't implicated by the case. Even though it wasn't confirmed that there was a case at this point, Denver agreed that Bonnie should stay ahead of it but only agreed to allow her to work on it. Later, whilst Denver was working to run for Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Bonnie hired Laurel. After hearing about it, he demanded that Bonnie fire her. Bonnie claimed that she couldn’t because that would be repercussions due to the fact that it could be seen as discrimination since she's pregnant. ("I'm Going Away", "Was She Ever Good at Her Job?")

Denver is visited by Laurel in his office in order to make a deal. She offers to turn herself in for stealing the files from Caplan & Gold. But first, she reveals she has proof on the phone that he’s called Dominick many times, as well as evidence her father illegally donated to his campaign to become attorney general and is working with him. Laurel offers him the evidence if he gives her mother's phone records. They make the exchange. Once she leaves, Denver finds security footage at the prison where Bonnie is bribing the officer wondering who took the evidence from lock up. He then calls Jorge Castillo to tell him to handle it. Presumably, on his way home, Denver is involved in a car accident due to his breaks being tampered with which was initiated by Jorge which subsequently kills him. He is then taken to the morgue where the medical examiner performs his autopsy on his body. ("The Day Before He Died", "Nobody Else Is Dying")


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