"There Are Worse Things Than Murder" is the 32nd episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


With her job on the line, Annalise fights back against the Middleton University Board. Meanwhile, secrets are exposed as the Keating 5 compete to take on the case of a battered woman accused of murdering her husband.[2]


Flash Forward: Annalise is daring the officers to arrest her. An hysterical Oliver pushes through the crowd trying to get to Annalise. The police stop him, but Annalise waves him through. She hands him her phone and tells him to erase everything. Oliver slips the phone in his pocket, and Annalise gets arrested.

Notes and Trivia


  • This episode scored 4.33 million viewers.


  • While playing pool, Bonnie and Laurel discuss pool, drinking games and then Frank, which then leads things to turn towards Lila. Laurel tells Bonnie that she knows Frank was her killer, which causes Bonnie to downplay Frank’s actions. “There are worse things than murder Laurel, but you don’t know that. And that’s a good thing.”


  • Calling Scissors - Alex Tesla
  • Left Foot - Mating Ritual
  • Depraved - Mammals