President Soraya Hargrove is a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the current president of Middleton University and does not always get along with Annalise well.


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Soraya Hargrove serves as the President of Middleton University. At first, Soraya can be seen questioning the methods Annalise Keating uses in her class and her dislike of Annalise is obvious. After Annalise Keating offered to help her out with her case to gain full custody of her children, she gradually suspends her feelings of dislike towards Annalise.

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Soraya with her two lawyers meeting with her ex-husband. ("Was She Ever Good at Her Job?")

While at the university, she was approached by Annalise Keating asking her to be her co-council in the case to win custody over her children. Eventually agreeing to the matter, Soraya met up with her primary lawyer at Caplan & Gold, Tegan Price along with her intern Michaela Pratt, a student at the university. They then met up with Soraya's ex-husband Raul and his lawyer, Barry Thompson. Raul's lawyer hands Tegan an affidavit and a flash drive containing videos of Soraya throwing up in her children's bathroom. After the meeting, Soraya explains the video. The two lawyers throw around different ideas. Soraya pipes up and decides that she wants to go after her ex-husband. Later, Annalise makes a mistake and emails the file to the wrong Barry. Instead of emailing Raul's lawyer, she emailed a member of the Middleton board. Once Annalise returned to Caplan & Gold, Soraya had already been called by the board and fired. Once Tegan leaves Annalise and Soraya alone, Annalise reassures her that she will fix her mistake. After getting an email from her own therapist, Annalise had the idea that they could use Raul's therapy notes in court. Annalise then races to Caplan & Gold where she tells them the idea that they get the judge to give them Raul's therapy notes. Tegan then goes to the judge and gets the notes and they find something that will win them the case. They use the information in order to get the opposing side to agree to joint custody. ("Was She Ever Good at Her Job?")


Season 3
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