Simon Drake is a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was a law student at Middleton University who often clashes with the Keating 5.


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When Simon was 4, he was sent over to the United Stated from Pakistan by his parents to live with his cousin for a while but never returned. He later went on go into Law and got a place at Middleton University's Law School. ("Nobody Roots for Goliath")

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Oliver talking with Simon in his hospital room. ("The Day Before He Died")

Amidst the accident, Simon awoke from his coma in the hospital. Bonnie not long after called Annalise to tell her the news. Later, Simon then requests to see Oliver. Once he arrives at his room, Simon is reminded by detective Nicholls that he shouldn't sway Simon’s memories. Simon then looks at Oliver and smiles — all he wants to know, for now, is whether he came out to him. He doesn’t remember anything from the night of the shooting. Simon, at some point, then hires Tegan Price as his lawyer. She then prevents Oliver or any of Annalise's people from seeing Simon for his protection. Later, Simon then remembers something about that night - he can remember that Laurel was there. Tegan then arranges a meeting with the detective so that Simon can update the police. Later, Oliver goes back to the hospital, wearing a suit and pretending to be Tegan’s assistant in order to get into Simon's room. Oliver’s plan works, and he holds a cell phone up to Simon’s ear. Annalise is on the other end of the line explaining to Simon that his current plan will land him in jail. Instead, the new plan is for him to decline to give a statement and work with Annalise to get a visa as a whistleblower. Simon demands the files that they stole. When Tegan finally gets into Simon’s room, it is now Oliver free. But their plan worked — Simon fires Tegan and tells her he’s canceling his meeting with the detectives because he didn’t see Laurel there that night; he was confused. ("Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania", "The Day Before He Died")

Worried about his deal, Simon persistently messages Oliver about his whistleblower deal. Later, Michaela and Oliver goes to visit Simon at the hospital. Simon keeps demanding to see Annalise, but Michaela stalls by saying Annalise is busy finalizing his deal with the feds. Simon also wants Oliver to leave, which he does. Michaela stays to keep an eye on him and also to buy time for the others to find the hard drive which was bargained to Simon. Simon notices that there is something wrong but Michaela dodges and tells him she’s visibly upset because of her breakup, but he sees through her and realizes they don’t have the files. He wants proof of them or he will go to the police and tell them the truth. Michaela threateningly tells him that would be a mistake. Later, Michaela goes to Annalise as she thinks that even if they give Simon what he wants, they will never be safe. She wants to call ICE but Annalise tells her not to. Not listening to Annalise, Michaela calls ICE anyway and leaves an anonymous tip. Simon was then carted off to a new facility managed by the Department of Homeland Security as a result. ("Nobody Else Is Dying")



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