Sam Keating Jr. was a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was the child of Annalise and Sam. After Annalise got on the wrong side of the Mahoneys, they arranged for a car to crash into hers, causing Annalise to be raised to the hospital where Sam was stillborn. She finally told her mother 10 years after his death; she also named him after she told her mother.


Season 2Edit

Sam was conceived before his mother, Annalise, took the Mahoney Case. When she took the case, she was around 7 months pregnant. During her case, Annalise was in an accident which was caused by her client's father as she was prepared to tell the police about what the Mahoney's really did. Wallace Mahoney put things in motion to cause a car crash. This caused Annalise to go into premature labor and Sam was stillborn. His father raced over to Cleveland where he found his wife feeling the loss of yet another child. Annalise initially refused to hold her deceased child but Sam encouraged her that she should. The doctor also managed to get a picture of the family for them to keep as a reminder. Following Sam's passing, Annalise and Sam's relationship deteriorated and affairs were had on either side. Annalise eventually told her mother while she visited her around 10 years later and the two gave her child a name, Sam, after his father. ("There's My Baby", "Anna Mae")


  • Annalise never gave her child a name until 10 years after his death. ("Anna Mae")
  • His mother kept the photo of him when he was born. Even after her house burned down, the only thing that she cared about retrieving was the photo of them. ("Wes (episode)")


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