This portal shows the minor characters of How to Get Away with Murder, meaning the characters who have been featured in 2-4 episodes. The characters are organized by episode count and, in case they are in the same number of episodes, alphabetically. All characters featured here are portrayed by guest stars, or co-stars who have received some sort of name.


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Minor Characters

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Portal Rose
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Template:Portal/Robert Template:Portal/Sandra Template:Portal/Ursula {{Portal/{{{portal26}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal27}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal28}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal30}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal31}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal32}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal34}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal35}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal36}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal38}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal39}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal40}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal42}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal42}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal42}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal44}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal45}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal46}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal48}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal49}}}}} {{Portal/{{{portal50}}}}}

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