Morenike Balogun is a writer on How to Get Away with Murder.


Life and CareerEdit

Born to Nigerian parents in the USA, Morenike Balogun is a graduate of Dartmouth College (class of 2003) where she studied Film and Television Studies. She also went to University of San Diego School of Law and University Of Copenhagen.[1] Balogun has been with the crew of How to Get Away with Murder ever since Season 2. She started off as someone who worked on the story of the show. While over the years, she has worked her way up to executive story editor and occasional writer for the show. Before the show, she has written for two other shows: Crisis and Last Resort.[2]



Season 3
"We're Good People Now" "There Are Worse Things Than Murder" "Always Bet Black" "Don't Tell Annalise" "It's About Frank"
"Is Someone Really Dead?" "Call It Mother's Intuition" "No More Blood" "Who's Dead?" "We're Bad People"
"Not Everything's About Annalise" "Go Cry Somewhere Else" "It's War" "He Made a Terrible Mistake" "Wes"
Season 4
"I'm Going Away" "I'm Not Her" "It's for the Greater Good" "Was She Ever Good at Her Job?" "I Love Her"
"Stay Strong, Mama" "Nobody Roots for Goliath" "Live. Live. Live." "He's Dead" "Everything We Did Was For Nothing"
"He's a Bad Father" "Ask Him About Stella" "Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" "The Day Before He Died" "Nobody Else Is Dying"