Meggy Travers is a recurring character on How to Get Away with Murder.


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One day, Meggy meets Wes. Around four months into their relationship, she takes Wes to meet her parents. One night, Meggy rides on her bike to Wes' place and finds Laurel there as well. Laurel introduces herself and Meggy instantly recognises the name from when Wes talked about her and gives her a hug as a way of introducing herself. The two embrace and Laurel looks awkwardly at Wes. After, Laurel leaves Wes and Meggy alone. ("We're Good People Now")

The following day Wes comes home from class and tells Meggy all about the flyers that were put up all around the campus about Annalise. Meggy searches on the laptop but cant find a single newspaper that hasn't done a story about it. Meggy sympathises for Annalise and makes a big deal out of it. Wes simply tries to brush it off as someone doing it as they are bored. Trying to change the subject, Wes reminds her that he made dessert. Meggy corrects him, saying that he hardly made it and seems put off by the color. Wes tells her to close her eyes and then open her mouth. Meggy complies and Wes spoons in some ice cream. After swallowing, Wes goes in for a kiss. ("There Are Worse Things Than Murder")


Season 3
"We're Good People Now" "There Are Worse Things Than Murder" "Always Bet Black" "Don't Tell Annalise" "It's About Frank"
"Is Someone Really Dead?" "Call It Mother's Intuition" "No More Blood" "Who's Dead?" "We're Bad People"
"Not Everything's About Annalise" "Go Cry Somewhere Else" "It's War" "He Made a Terrible Mistake" "Wes"


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