Laurel's Child is the unborn child of Laurel Castillo and Wes Gibbins. The baby seems to have been conceived in the episode Is Someone Really Dead?. Laurel revealed to Annalise in the episode It's for the Greater Good that the baby is a boy.


Season 3

Season 4

Around 4 months into the pregnancy, Laurel has come to the conclusion that she wants to keep the baby. However, she told her father that she had an abortion after telling him that she was pregnant. While at the Keating 4 dinner, she informed the others that she decided to keep the baby. ("I'm Going Away")

Three months later, Laurel somehow has the baby but it is unknown what has happened to the baby, whether it survived or not. ("I'm Going Away")


  • Since we learn that Laurel is pregnant, it has been unknown whether the child is going to be a boy or a girl. In It's for the Greater Good however, Laurel reveals that she's having a baby boy.
  • Seemingly conceived in Is Someone Really Dead?.
  • It is unknown whether Laurel knew she was pregnant before the fire (as we as viewers found out because she had tests done while she was in hospital). In We're Bad People, while in a flashback, Laurel is talking to Wes in a bathtub about the condom breaking the last time they had sex. This might mean that she knew she was pregnant before the fire, but it is only hinted at, nothing more.
    • The characters who first know however are: Oliver, Meggy, Bonnie and Michaela.
    • We learn in Who's Dead? that Frank knows too, as he is the person Bonnie tells the news to over the phone.
    • In We're Bad People, we learn that both Asher and Connor find out, along with Laurel telling Asher, Connor and Michaela when they go and visit her, that the baby is Wes'.
  • Peter Nowalk has said that as soon as it's revealed for definite who the baby's father is, there won't be any future twists, turns or surprises. So far things seem to be pointing to Wes. In We're Bad People, we finally learn through Laurel, that the baby's father is indeed Wes.
  • We find out officially who the baby daddy is in episode 10 of Season 3, according to Peter Nowalk.
  • The child will be half Mexican, a quarter Haitian and a quarter Anglo-American.
  • As of I'm Going Away, Laurel is four months pregnant.
  • In a 3 month flash forward scene featured in I'm Going Away, it is unknown if the child is alive, and if it is alive then where it is.

In I'm Going Away , Laurel is shown to be four months pregnant.


In the 3 month flash forward scene, Frank is shown trying to console a disoriented Laurel after she finds out something has happened to her baby.

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