The Keating House was first the family home of both Sam and Hannah Keating until Hannah moved out. Then Annalise moved in a few years later when she married Sam. The house is most likely vacant after the fire that killed Wes Gibbins.


Not much is known about it's overall history, other than it being owned by the Keating family and both Sam and Hannah grew up here.

Outside, there's a long driveway which stretches across the left-hand side of the house. A wide pathway, that detours off the driveway, leads towards a porch that sweeps around the house.

Once through the main front door, a small coat room leads to the inner front door which then leads into a long lit hallway. Detouring off the hallway an open-plan lounge-office combo that leads to a glass double door. On the other side is Sam's old office (which later becomes Annalise's after he died). If you continue do the end of the hallway, you pass the flight of stairs that lead upstairs where you reach door to your right that leads to the basement and a doorway that leads you into the large, spacious kitchen. A sliding glass door, once inside the kitchen leads into Annalise's office.

Upstairs, there appears to be at least two large double rooms with both having their own en-suites. The layout of the upstairs has rarely been seen and is unknown exactly how many rooms are upstairs.


Listed below are all the people who have visited the house in some form or another (whether it as work, client etc.):


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