Jeff Walsh is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is the father of Connor Walsh and husband of Ted Walsh.


Early LifeEdit

When Connor was 12, he came out to his parents at the dinner table. Connor told them that if they didn't accept him that he would run away. While Pam was having a breakdown, Jeff gained the courage to come out to his wife a week later. Once the divorce was finalized, Jeff got together with Ted the following year. ("Was She Ever Good at Her Job?")

Season 4Edit

Once hearing that Connor had refunded his law degree, Jeff and Ted visited Connor in Philadelphia. They found Connor drunk at a gay strip club. ("It's for the Greater Good")


Season 4
"I'm Going Away" "I'm Not Her" "It's for the Greater Good" "Was She Ever Good at Her Job?" "I Love Her"
"Stay Strong, Mama" "Nobody Roots for Goliath" "Live. Live. Live." "Episode 409" "Episode 410"
"Episode 411" "Episode 412" "Episode 413" "Episode 414" "Episode 415"

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