"It's Called the Octopus" is the 18th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


When Annalise takes on a new client, the team must investigate a very high end sex club to get answers. Meanwhile, Annalise is still representing the siblings accused of killing their parents, but the case takes a turn for the worse when a new motive surfaces, and Wes teams up with an unexpected ally.[2]

Notes and Trivia


  • This episode scored 7.22 million viewers.


  • The ‘Keating 5’ were given the task of interviewing everyone who had recently gone to a sex party, held by a company named ‘Utopia Circle’, when one of the interviewers (named Byron) informs Michaela what his and also Dominic, the episode’s victim's favorite sex position is/was. “It’s called 'The Octopus', Dominic’s favorite position -- mine too.”
    • It's Called the Octopus - Byron


  • Anxious In Venice - Superhumanoids
  • It Will Find You (Mock & Toof Remix) - Maps
  • KITTY HAWK (Break Science Remix) - KI:Theory
  • Untamed (Figgy Remix) - Corsica Art Club
  • Awake (feat. J.U.D.G.E) - Sante