"It's All My Fault" is the 15th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

This episode is the second part of the season 1 finale, and premiered immediately following "The Night Lila Died".


Wes, Connor, Michaela and Laurel may have dug themselves in too deep a hole for Annalise to save them, and the shocking truth about Lila's murder is finally revealed.[2]


In the flashback, it is shown that Sam met with Lila on the roof of the sorority house after she threatened to go public with the pregnancy. Sam consoles Lila and proclaims his love for her, telling her that he hadn't loved Annalise for years and that he was going to go tell her. But after leaving, Sam makes a call and tells someone to do what they agreed on.

It is then shown it was Frank who strangled Lila to death.

As Wes leaves, Annalise goes back down to the basement where Frank is. She asks him if it was him who did it, and he in turn does the same but both deny it. It is then revealed that Rebecca never left the house and was in fact killed and hidden underneath the staircase.

Notes and Trivia Edit

Notes Edit

  • This episode scored 8.99 million viewers.
  • The killer was changed around a couple of times before Frank was firmly chosen. In addition, three different endings were filmed.[3]

Title Edit

  • Annalise walked into her house to find Wes sitting on the lower steps of stairs, feeling upset over everything that had gone on. “I didn’t let her go. You have to believe me. All of this--Rebecca, Sam, Nate--it’s all my fault.”

Music Edit

  • Black - The Soft Moon
  • Run Me Out - Zola Jesus