"He Made a Terrible Mistake" is the 44th episode of How to Get Away with Murder, and is part of the 2 hour Season 3 finale.


Annalise tries to ward off a surprising new angle in the D.A.’s case. Meanwhile, alliances shift amongst the Keating 4, as they discover crucial information about the circumstances surrounding Wes's death.[2]


Flashback: The night of the fire, Laurel goes to Annalise's house. She goes to the basement, where she sees someone—Connor—escape through the storm door just as the house blows up. As Connor runs away, a young man in a car is on the phone and says "things got a little messy."

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This episode scored 4.92 viewers.

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  • After Annalise and Connor argue in a bedroom at Bonnie’s, the both of them make their way back to the group (who are all in the living/dining area) where Annalise asks them all to forgive Connor. Annalise then begins to speak once more, as she looks at each individual person around. “Forgive him. He made a terrible mistake, just like we all have at one point but he apologised.” The arguing of the bedroom seems to have moved to include everyone in the house.

International TitlesEdit

  • French: "L'erreur est Humaine" (The Error is Human)
  • Spanish: "Cometió un Terrible Error" (He Made a Terrible Mistake)

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  • Run Boy Run - Woodkid
  • The Great Unnamed - Patients
  • Longpig - Perfume Genius