"Her kid's here."
Frank Delfino to an unknown assailant about Gabriel[src]

Gabriel Maddox is one of the main characters, who initially appeared as a minor character in the fourth season, on How to Get Away with Murder. He is an upcoming student at Middleton University who has an ambiguous connection to Frank.


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Gabriel flirting with Judy. ("Nobody Else Is Dying")

Before starting law school in the following year, Gabriel visits Middleton University for a tour along with other future students. At the sign in desk, outside the university, Gabriel flirts with the signing-in lady. He initially asks for her name and number but the lady refuses to give up anything and asks for his name. After he gives it to her, he shakes her hand and she smiles. Frank in the background, who is also there for the tour, calls someone and tells them that "Her kid is here." ("Nobody Else Is Dying")


  • Though not confirmed, it is implied that he may be Bonnie's long lost child. Due to the fact that Bonnie hold a child with an ambiguous fate and the fact that Nate looked through the files that showed that it is very probable that Bonnie's child is alive. Additionally, Gabriel is in his mid-twenties. Bonnie is currently around 40 and had her child when she was around 15. Therefore, it would add up if he was her child. 
  • After his initial guest appearance in the Season 4 finale, "Nobody Else Is Dying", he was promoted to a series regular for Season 5.[1]


Season 4
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