"Freakin' Whack-a-Mole" is the sixth episode of the first season of How to Get Away with Murder and the sixth episode overall.


A case gets personal for Annalise and the team when their client is a man from the projects who was sentenced to death by Asher's father several years ago. Meanwhile, Wes is still angry at Annalise for hiding information about Lila’s case, so Annalise must convince him to get back in line. In flash-forwards, we find out exactly where Asher was on the night of the murder.[2]


Notes and Trivia


  • This episode scored 8.68 million viewers.

Important Events

  • Asher and Bonnie are seen in bed together after having sex, though no foreplay or kissing is shown. The lead up to this moment happens in a later episode.)


  • Connor is driving his car with Laurel, Michaela and Wes (along with Sam's body) when out of nowhere, Asher comes walking across the road, nearly knocking him down. The gang are incredibly nervous that he’d see them but thankfully didn’t, as Asher is paying more attention to his phone (and who is on the other side). After the road becomes clear, Connor began to speak, hinting at the nights activities. “This is freakin’ Whack-a-Mole.”


  • Evil Voices - The Faint
  • Tumbling Lights - The Acid
  • Briar Path (Instrumental version) - Eraas
  • Dress Walker - Liars
  • Burn It (feat. Di'Alo) - Skee-Ball