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Connor Walsh
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Connor Walsh
Hair Gel (Frank)
Walshy (Asher)
25 [1]
Date of birth
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Michigan, USA
Law Student
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Gemma Walsh - Sister
Unnamed niece (via Gemma)
Unnamed nephew (via Gemma)
Aiden Walker - Hook up
Oliver Hampton - Boyfriend
Paxton Curtis - Hook up
Jullian - Hook up
Thomas - Hook up
Many unnamed hook-ups
S1 - S2 - S3
Shouldn't I be getting some credit here for trying to be a good person for once?
People have told me that I have a resting bitch face, so that's probably what you're reading as distraught.
You ready to fail like your dad’s condom?

Connor Walsh is one of the main characters of How to Get Away with Murder.

He is the smartest person in the room, or at least he likes to think so. The sexy and sly Connor is used to getting any prize he lays his eyes on, ensuring that he and Michaela will constantly be in competition with each other. No matter how dirty the deed, he'll go to any lengths to earn Annalise's admiration.

He has a relationship with Oliver Hampton.


Early Life

Not so much is known about Connor's past. However, he once mentions that he studied at boarding school for boys at New Hampshire along with Aiden Walker, Michaela's ex-fiance. Also, seems like his family lives in Michigan (ep. Best Christmas Ever), he has an older sister and he grew up apart from his father.

Season 1

When Connor joins Annalise Keating's law class, he participates in a competition to pick four students to come and work in her office. During a case they're working on, Connor meets a technician named Oliver Hampton who he sleeps with to obtain illegal evidence. After this helps win the case, Connor is chosen to come and work in Annalise's office alongside Wes, Michaela, Laurel, and Asher. ("Pilot")

Connor 101 02
Being part of a murder starts to get to Connor. ("Pilot")

After the unfortunate murder of Annalise's husband, Sam Keating, Connor, Michaela, Laurel, and Wes flee to the woods near the university in a panic and to decide their next plan of action. Wes brings with him the murder weapon, a golden statue, and they decide to return it after cleaning it. The group then argue over whether or not they should dispose of the body, Connor believing that they should leave it. However, a coin toss determines that they bury it. When they go to collect the body, they wrap it up in a carpet and carry it outside; however, they're stopped by a cop who questions Connor about his car. The cop almost discovers the body but is distracted by a rowdy group of drunken students. On their way to the woods, they stop at a convenience store for supplies to dispose the body with. At this moment Connor is clearly distressed and he tauntingly sings "Jingle Bells". They continue their journey into the woods, and they're almost caught by two drunken teenagers who are there looking for some privacy. Once they leave and they're in the clear, they take the body to a secure location and decide for one final time if they want to get rid of the body. Everyone is now in agreement and end up burning the body, disposing of all the DNA. ("Pilot")

Season 2

During cover-up after Sinclair's murder Annalise calls 911 and tells them that Catherine had just shoot her. Then she tries to give a gun (first of the students) to Connor. After he says no, she tries to make him angry with her, saying she will ruin Oliver's life and he'll go to jail because of her. In desperation, Connor grabs the gun and actually looks like he could shoot her in the head. But when Michaela jumps between them to save him from himself, he's suddenly awake, realizing what he's doing. Connor drops the gun saying how much he hates Annalise and then, upset and disgusted, runs away.

Season 3



  • In the original script his name was Patrick Donahue.
  • He is one of the many LGBT characters in the series.
  • Connor wanted to blame the murder of Sam Keating on Rebecca Sutter and Wes Gibbins.
  • Both Connor and actor Jack Falahee are from Michigan.
  • Lost his virginity when he was 14.


Season 1
"Pilot" "It's All Her Fault" "Smile, or Go to Jail" "Let's Get to Scooping" "We're Not Friends"
"Freakin' Whack-a-Mole" "He Deserved to Die" "He Has a Wife" "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me" "Hello, Raskolnikov"
"Best Christmas Ever" "She's a Murderer" "Mama's Here Now" "The Night Lila Died" "It's All My Fault"
Season 2
"It's Time to Move On" "She's Dying" "It's Called the Octopus" "Skanks Get Shanked" "Meet Bonnie"
"Two Birds, One Millstone" "I Want You to Die" "Hi, I'm Philip" "What Did We Do?" "What Happened to You, Annalise?"
"She Hates Us" "It's a Trap" "Something Bad Happened" "There's My Baby" "Anna Mae"
Season 3
"We're Good People Now" "There Are Worse Things Than Murder" "Always Bet Black" "Don't Tell Annalise" "It's About Frank"
"Is Someone Really Dead?" "Call It Mother's Intuition" "No More Blood" "Who's Dead?" "We're Bad People"
"Not Everything's About Annalise" "Go Cry Somewhere Else" "It's War" "He Made a Terrible Mistake" "Wes"


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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