"It's just a few people. I'm lying. It's everyone."
—Celestine Harkness to Annalise Keating[src]

Celestine Harkness is the sister of Annalise Keating and Thelonious Harkness, and daughter of Ophelia and Mac Harkness. Celestine is a nurse and takes care of her mother.


Early LifeEdit

Celestine was born to Ophelia and Mac Harkness. Not long after the kids were born, her father left them high and dry and Ophelia was forced to raise the children on her own. As the family grew older, Celestine had a family and became a nurse and Anna Mae moved away and got married to a man named Sam Keating and became a respectable lawyer in Philadelphia. As Ophelia got older, she needed more and more help with everyday tasks so Celestine felt responsible for making sure that she was taken care off ("Anna Mae")

Season 2Edit

Celestine and Ophelia spying on Annalise and Nate. ("Anna Mae")

Annalise Keating, her sister returns home. Not long after her mother tells the entire family and invites them all over to a party later on in the day. In the morning, Celestine goes to her room and lies in bed next to her until she wakes up. They both talk and she reveals that their mother will be hosting a party for her. Ophelia arrives and orders Annalise to go for a shower to get clean for her guests. Celestine tells Annalise that only a few people will come but then tells her that she is joking, that her mother has invited everyone. Downstairs, Annnalise, and Celestine discuss their mother's romance with her father, but are interrupted when Ophelia announces Nate's arrival. Annalise and Nate talk outside the house, while Celestine and Ophelia watch from the inside, commenting on Nate's physique. Despite Annalize's objections, Ophelia invites Nate to dinner. At dinner, Ophelia tells Nate that none of her children have had grandchildren, and Annalise's father tells her that it is because her daughters are women with careers and her son has not found the right woman, but raising children is a hard work. Annalise mocks because her father never tried, and to reduce tension Celestine invites everyone to dance in the room. The next day Annalise leaves. Outside of the house when they are saying goodbye Ophelia reminds Annalise that if he does not visit her more often he probably will not find her alive next time. ("Anna Mae")


Season 2
"It's Time to Move On" "She's Dying" "It's Called the Octopus" "Skanks Get Shanked" "Meet Bonnie"
"Two Birds, One Millstone" "I Want You to Die" "Hi, I'm Philip" "What Did We Do?" "What Happened to You, Annalise?"
"She Hates Us" "It's a Trap" "Something Bad Happened" "There's My Baby" "Anna Mae"
Season 4
"I'm Going Away" "I'm Not Her" "It's for the Greater Good" "Was She Ever Good at Her Job?" "I Love Her"
"Stay Strong, Mama" "Nobody Roots for Goliath" "Live. Live. Live." "Episode 409" "Episode 410"
"Episode 411" "Episode 412" "Episode 413" "Episode 414" "Episode 415"

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