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"Call It Mother's Intuition" is the 37th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


Annalise and her students take on a case defending siblings who have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder against their mother. Meanwhile, Frank's actions lead to a painful consequence.[2]


Flashforward: Annalise is formally charged with arson and first degree murder. When she asks about the evidence, the police explain that they have an anonymous source. Laurel awakes from her coma and writes Wes' name on a piece of paper given to her by Meggy. It is later revealed that Wes is the anonymous source who exchanges testimony and evidence for blanket immunity.

Notes and Trivia


  • This episode scored 4.08 million viewers.


  • At the ‘Teaching Clinic’ with Annalise and Laurel, the ‘victim’ Edith Duvall glosses over the fact about how she knew her daughter was in a secret relationship, by mentioning you could “Call it Mother’s intuition” with how she found out.
    • Call It Mother's Intuition - Edith Duvall


  • It Will Find You (Mock & Toof Remix) - Maps
  • Game - Mating Ritual
  • Devils - Maestro
  • Fernwood - Robot Koch


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