"I don't know what terrible things you've done in your life up to this point, but clearly your karma is out of balance to get assigned to my class. I am professor Annalise Keating and this is Criminal Law 100 or as I prefer to call it "How to Get Away With Murder""
—Annalise to her students[src]

Annalise Keating, Esq (née Harkness), born Anna Mae, is one of the main characters of How to Get Away with Murder.

Annalise is a self-sufficient and confident woman. She seemed to have a perfect life and was respected for being a great lawyer and a great criminal law professor, whom her students both fear and admire. Annalise is a woman with two faces; one of them, a strong woman, that she shows the world, while the other, a sentimental and destroyed human being, was shown to Nate and Wes. Annalise seems like she has it all – a successful career and a loving husband, Sam – but soon she will be forced to confront secrets about her life she never saw coming.


Early Life

Ophelia Harkness became pregnant with Annalise, and shortly after she bought her own house, which was not much but was finally hers. Annalise has a brother and sister named Celestine and Thelonious Harkness, and his father was absent as he left his mother. One day, when Annalise was a child, her uncle Clyde arrived, who asked Ophelia to stay at her house for a few days, while recovering financially. Uncle Clyde was an alcoholic and always fell asleep with a cigarette in his mouth, and one night, Ophelia got up to see Uncle Clyde coming out of Annalise's room. Ophelia knew at that moment, Uncle Clyde had raped Annalise. A few days later, Ophelia left Uncle Clyde's cigarette on and started a fire.

When Annalise was at law school, she met Eve Rothlo, and they became good friends, but soon after, their relationship became romantic. Both used to have fun, but also had difficult times. Annalise and Eve were together until Annalise met Sam Keating, who was married but both ended up falling in love since Sam was the therapist of Annalise. He left his wife for Annalise, and Annnalise left Eve for Sam, and then married. Both went to live together to the Keating Mansion (that belonged to the family of Sam), and they obtained work in the same university in which Annalise teaches criminal laws abreast of the work in his own signature, and Sam like professor of Psychology. Since then she creates a team of students calling themselves Keating 5 (or Keating Five).

Annalise became pregnant in 2005 while teaching Middleton Unniversity. Sam and Annalise are happy, and Sam manages to convince Annalise to hire Frank Delfino, although the latter accepts reluctantly. Among the Keating 5 is Bonnie Winterbottom, who seems to be the one who listens most and makes things better.

One of the directors of the University of Middleton manages to convince Annnalise to take the case of Mahoney, a millionaire family made up of Wallace Mahoney, the father and owner of the company "Mahoney Hedge Management"; His wife Sylvia Mahoney; And their son, Charles Mahoney, who is accused of murdering his fiancee Vicky. Wallace tells Annalise to talk to Rose Edmond and she approaches Rose Edmond, soon to reveal her true intentions: to have him testified at the Charles trial.

Rose tells Annalise that she saw Charles the night Vicky was murdered, and therefore was not at the scene of the crime, however, Annalise discovers in a little while that Wallace actually threatened Rose with hurting his son, Christophe. Annalise calls Eve to help Rose when she has herself processed for deportation, but they just want to scare her into helping the case. Rose agrees, however he tries to take Christophe and is last refuses and runs. Rose returns to her apartment waiting for Christophe but arrives Annalise, and then discovers the only option to protect her son: Rose takes a knife and commits suicide. Annalise sees how it bleeds but then sees that it is too late and leaves before they find it and inculpen it. Little Christophe arrives at his apartment and finds his mother bleeding on the floor. Annalise goes off and goes around in her head to what just happened.

Wallace Mahoney talks to Annalise and she confronts him, telling him that Rose committed suicide to protect his son from him, and soon deduces that Wallace raped Rose several times. Wallace does not deny it and threatens it. Annalise asks Eve for help, but when she tells him they can not do it because it is very dangerous, Annalise goes to the police station herself.

However, in the way a car crashes with the one of Annalise and they have an accident. When Annalise arrives at the hospital she goes into surgery and after removing the child from her belly they try to do everything possible to save it, but it is too late. The doctor gives her baby to Annalise and she hugs him. Annalise apologizes to her lifeless baby, and then Sam arrives. Annalise tells him that it is all his fault and that he should not have taken the case. Sam tells her it was just an accident, and that it is not her fault, but a nurse interrupts them to ask if they want a picture of the three, since other couples usually want at least one picture before leaving their baby. Sam accepts and after the photo Annalise tells Sam to take the child.

Eve approaches Sam while he is in a snack machine, and tells him that he does not know her but that he is a colleague of Annalise in the Mahoney case, and that he wanted to know how Ananalise is. Sam tells her that Annalise is fine, but the baby did not survive. Sam tells Eve to tell the Mahoney that she is out of the case and will take her home. Eve tells her she will, and Sam leaves with Annalise. In the room Sam gives a bottle of water to Annalise and tells him that they will be well and survive all this, but Annalise does not seem to be well.

Later Sam discovers that Frank was involved in the accident but decides not to tell Annalise anything because he would destroy it. Time passed, and Ann and Sam's marriage had problems while Annnalise suspected Sam was cheating on her. During the summer of 2014 she met Nate Lahey , with whom she had an affair.

Season 1

Annalise 101
Annalise welcomes her students to her class, 'Criminal Law 101'. ("Pilot")

Annalise Keating first meets her students on their first day of law school. After welcoming them to the class, she asks them facts on a case called "The Aspirin Assassin". During this she gets to know Connor, Asher, Michaela, Wes and Laurel. She reveals to the class that the case is one she's working on now, so takes the students to see Gina Sadowski, the defendant. As a challenge, Annalise tasks the students to come up with a defense for the case, promising the winners a job in her firm. After hearing all the students ideas, she decides to take a select few to the court hearings. During the first sessions, Annalise questions Linda Tanner, the assistant of the victim. With help from Michaela, who found some vital information, she's able to discredit her testimony. That night, Annalise prepares to have sex with detective Nate Lahey in her office, but she's caught by Wes who came with a suggestion for the trial. In the next court session, Annalise is able to point the blame onto someone else with help from Connor, who obtained an email that incriminates another colleague, Lionel Bryant. Annalise attends a formal party that night with her husband, Sam Keating. She confronts Wes, who promises not to tell, and she explains that her marriage is strained because of baby troubles. When Annalise returns to the office with her husband, she's unaware of the jealous looks Bonnie gives when she kisses her husband. The next day in court, incriminating evidence is shown against Gina on a tape, putting their position in danger. Annalise scolds Gina for not telling them she bought aspirin and in a last ditch effort, she brings her love Nate into court and forces him to lie about videotapes being forged with. This finally allows them to win their case and Gina walks free...although guilty. Back in class, Annalise reveals the winners of the competition and the ones who'll work at her firm: Connor, Michaela, Asher, Laurel and Wes. Wes questions the legitimacy of him winning, but she insists she liked his idea when he presented it. That night, when missing girl Lila Stangard's dead body is found, Annalise comforts her husband as she was one of his students. She then finishes by commenting that she bets the boyfriend did it. ("Pilot")

Annalise 102
Annalise asks Nate for help when she believes Sam killed Lila Stangard. ("It's All Her Fault")

Annalise reads an article on Lila Stangard one morning and finds it odd when Sam comments that her body being in a water tank would’ve destroyed most evidence. Later on, during a lecture, Annalise introduces the next case she’s working on. She takes her chosen students to visit Max St. Vincent’s house where he preserved the murder scene of his wife. She tasks them with coming up with something to help win the case. When they head back to the office, Annalise takes Wes aside to give him a personal task for the case. The other students comment how odd it is that he was even picked. Wes completes the task, but points out a discrepancy. Annalise uses this to discredit a witness in the case, Jake Dorsey. She then uses information gained by Connor to discredit any motive to kill. And finally, with help from Asher raiding bins, she’s able to come up with an alibi for Max. After a court session, Annalise runs into Nate. She tries to apologize for embarrassing him on the stand, but he threatens to reveal everything if she speaks to him again. That night, at home, Annalise goes through Sam's phone and discovers that he'd been messaging Lila. The next step for Max's case is introducing a character witness, they bring in his daughter, Eloise who shows she'd happily let him die if he ended up being guilty. However, in the courthouse, it's shockingly revealed that Max's first wife had also been murdered in a similar fashion to his second wife. Annalise scolds Max for keeping this fact a secret. Back at the office, Annalise asks Sam if he was sleeping with Lila. However, he insists he didn't. The next day at court, thanks to Laurel, Annalise proves that even though Max killed his first wife, he didn't kill the one he's on trial for because of the differences in the two killings. This ends up winning her case for her. Back at home, Annalise checks Sam's phone again and discovers he deleted messages from Lila. She is then is forced to sleep with Sam to prove she trusts him, however, afterwards she begins crying. She then sneaks out to find Nate and she asks him for help, claiming she thinks Sam killed Lila. ("It's All Her Fault")

Murder of Sam Keating

Sam strangling Annalise. ("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

At her house, Annalise is packing Sam's things. She tells him that he is stupid as he told Bonnie that he got Lila pregnant and Bonnie would tell Annalise everything he said. Annalise walks down the stairs with a suitcase full of Sam's things and throws it out the door. Sam tells her to stop for a second but just Annalise tells him to get out of the house. Sam begins to beg for her not to give up on him. She tells him that she already has. Sam is still not moving so Annalise threatens to call 911. He walks over to her and angrily snatches the phone out of her hands and throws it at the wall. Sam tells Annalise that he is not a violent man but she tells him that everyone can be violent given the chance. Sam continues to deny that he is a violent man. Moving to the kitchen, the two stand on opposite sides. Sam claims to still be the man she married. Annalise thinks otherwise. Sam tells Annalise that she is some scared little girl who pretends to be strong but who is really just weak and selfish. She claims to have done everything that she could to protect him. Annalise comes clean about screwing Nate. She taunts him by telling him everything they have done together. As Sam walks away, she continues to tell him things that they do together and that the only reason she was able to stand Sam having sex with her was that she used to think of Nate. He grabs her by the neck and pins her to the wall and says that he used to think of Lila when they were together. Annalise asks him is he did kill her. Sam releases his grip on her neck and tells her that she is a monster. Sam asks her if she wants the truth and tells her that she's nothing but a piece of ass, that was what he saw when he fist talked to her because he knew that she would go for him and that's all she's really good for. Annalise tells him that they are finally speaking the truth to each other and walks out, gets into her car and drives away. Rebecca is across the street and watches as she leaves. ("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Annalise goes to Nate. ("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Annalise is sat in her car crying. She is at the police station but doesn't go in. She then goes back to her house and finds her husband's dead body on the floor with blood all over the house. Not long later, Wes enters and starts to clean up the body when he realises that Annalise is sat across the room watching his every move. Wes tells her what happened and she vows to help him and the others cover it up. As an alibi, Annalise goes to Nate's apartment. When he opens the door, Annalise says that she knows that she can't be there, but she doesn't have anywhere else to go. She tells him that she went to the police station as she was going to tell them everything. She walks in and closes the door. Annalise tells Nate that he was right. She thinks Sam killed Lila. She tells him that Sam lied to her about everything, that he knew Lila was pregnant. Nate sits beside her on the couch and asks her if she has told anyone. She tells him that she has only told him and that she told the D.A. to run DNA tests on all the men in Lila's life, even her teachers. Annalise thinks that she should leave. Nate asks her where she will go and Annalise doesn't know. She tells him that she will probably go to a hotel and tells him not to worry as she won't go back to the house. Nate stands up and tells her that she is too upset to go anywhere and tells her that she needs to stay until she has calmed down. Annalise reuses but comes round to the idea. Annalise calls Sam to see if he picks up but he doesn't. Annalise tells Nate that its probably better that he didn't answer anyway. She looks over and sees a photo of Nate and his wife's wedding. She asks Nate if he thinks they're terrible people. Nate leans forward and grabs her hand and tells her that he doesn't know and it depends on who they ask. Annalise goes to pull away but Nate pulls her onto his lap and kisses her. They start removing each others clothes while kissing. Nate lifts her up and they start to have sex on a wall. ("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Annalise calls Bonnie about Sam. ("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Annalise quietly leaves Nate's apartment after having sex, gets in her car and drives home. She calls Sam again and leaves him a voice message. She tells him that she didn't think that he would pick up. She tells him that she's still got a lot to say to him but she doesn't want to do it by phone but she has no other choice. She tells him that they built a life together for 20 years. She tells him that she didn't mean all of the horrible things that they have said to each other and to forgive her. Annalise doesn't want things to end that way. She wants them to work through it and she wants them to be together and that she will stand by him through all of it. She tells him to come home so that they can be together. She then calls Bonnie where she cries over the phone. She asks Bonnie if she is with Sam and Bonnie says no as she isn't and asks why. Annalise tells her that something terrible has happened. ("Freakin' Whack-a-Mole") She tells her that they fought last night after she left and that the D.A. was going to find out that the baby was his. He thinks he is going to go away for the murder. She says that he isn't answering his phone and she's worried that he might have done something stupid. Bonnie tells her to stay right where she is and that she will be right over. ("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

A few days later, Sam's sister, Hannah Keating , arrives in the city, searching for the truth about what happened to her brother. When Annalise manages to settle things with Hannah, the police find Sam's remains, and Hannah knows Annalize knows more than she looks. Hannah manages to get them to search the house of Annnalise, but they find nothing as Annalize cleans Sam's blood very well. Annalize, decides that the only way to solve everything is to get a culprit, so he calls Frank and asks him to incriminate Nate. The police arrest Nate for the murder of Sam, and Hannah returns home, although she tells Annalize that she knows what she caused all of that. Annalize calls her mother because she can no longer blame Nate, and when Ophelia arrives, she makes her feel better, even though they have arguments. Annalise decides to help Nate to go free (and gives him the number of a friend , which Nate ends up calling), but Wes calls Annalize very frightened. Annalise arrives at Wes's apartment, finds Wes, Connor, Michaela and Laurel very frightened, and when Annalise asks what's going on, Laurel shows her that they strapped Rebecca with tape and locked her in the bathroom.

They all explain what is happening and take Rebecca to Annalize's house, where they end up taking her to the basement. Everyone thinks that Rebecca murdered Lila and not Sam, but Annalise puts them to build a case to prove that she did. In the end neither of them gets anything and Annalize decides to let Rebecca go, but when she's going to release her, she's gone. Everyone thinks someone let her go. Annalise talks to Wes and he tells her that he does not let her go, and Annalise comforts him, since he is very sad, he says it's all his fault. Annalise tells him that Sam did, and that they must believe that to continue their lives, but when Wes leaves, she meets Frank in the basement where they look at Rebecca's body, and they wonder if they killed her, but they arrive To the conclusion that someone else did.

Season 2

She and Frank set out to find Rebecca's killer, but she is not very focused on that, but she wants to go ahead and get a new case (although she sees that her students are not so motivated by what happened to Sam), the adopted siblings Caleb and Catherine Hapstall. Eve Rothlo arrives at Annnalise's house and asks if it's true that Nate and she killed Sam, and Annalise lies to her, but asks her to accept Nate's case. At the end Eve accepts and takes the case of Nate, but this last one says to him that Annalise inculpate it. When Eve confronts Annalise, she does not deny it, so Eve decides to leave. Frank tells Annalise that Laurel killed Rebecca, and that the most quiet are the most dangerous, but Annalise discovers that Bonnie killed Rebecca because she thinks she was the one who killed Lila and wanted to blame Sam. Annalise confronts Bonnie and she does not deny it, but tells him she did it for her and they both argue, until finally Annalize goes and arrives at Eve's house. Both begin to talk and Annalise tells him that Nate is innocent, and that he inculcates because he is protecting the person who did, and then talk about the old days and begin to kiss. Annalise remembers the old days and how she used to have fun, so for the Keating 4 to get on with their lives, she decides to take them to a club at night.

Eve manages to win Nate's case, but in the process she wounds Annalise's feelings by humiliating her before the court, shouting that she kills Sam and blames Nate (although there is no evidence that neither has done so). Annalise forgives Eve, and she invites her to New York, but Annalise does not call her or say no. Shortly after, Annalise confronts the loneliness since there is no one in the house and it goes away being drunk, until after a case decides to speak with Nate; He tells her he needs time. The next week he gets the call from Nia Lahey (Nate's sick wife), and when he goes to the hospital to visit her she asks him to help her die. Annalise considers it, but in the end decides not to do it, although it asks to him some pills to Frank. Leaving the hospital at night, after waiting for Catherine Hapstall (who takes a test to help her case), Annalise finds that Nate and Wes are up to something. Shortly afterwards Frank also informs Annalize that Levi, Rebecca's adopted brother, is looking for answers, while spending time with Wes and Michaela; And that Bonnie had to lie to Asher (saying that she murdered Sam because he tried to rape her) so that he would not testify against everyone in the house with Sinclair, who begins to have a personal vengeance against her; Annalize begins to panic as everything is a disaster.

Asher tries to get rid of Levi and the doubts of the Keating 4, but despite Bonnie's attempts, Asher still thinks about testifying, until Annalise shows Asher Bonnie's past: She was raped when she was little by her own father . Annalise also talks to Nate and he tells her that he hates her and that Wes believes she kills Rebecca, and not long after Wes sees her out of Nate's apartment and she talks to him, assuring him that she knows nothing about Rebecca. When Bonnie finds out about this, she shouts at Annalize and then stops working. Shortly afterwards Nate's wife dies, and Annalize tries to comfort him, but he tells her that he does not want to know anything about her. Annalise and the boys find out that Helena Hapstall had a son, who could be a possible suspect in the Hapstall case, and shortly after they discover that there is blood of him at the crime scene, practically freeing the brothers from all charges. Nate makes peace with Annalise, and even helps by modifying information from Philip's background, and shortly before having sex, Wes interrupts them with a new discovery of the Hapstall case: Catherine knew Philip, the product of incest between siblings Helena and Grant Hapstall. It is also discovered that there was a pistol in Catherine's office and she flees when Caleb and Michaela find her.

Annalise tries to fix the situation but everything gets worse when Nate explodes emotionally against Sinclair, Asher's father commits suicide (because of her) and consequently Asher ends up running over Emily Sinclair. Annalize gives him lots of turns and decides to make a crime scene disaster, where his story for the cops will be that Catherine murdered Sinclair and then shot him. Everyone prepares the mansion to make it look like this and they clean up incriminating evidence against them, and Annalize tries to persuade the Keating 4 to shoot him. None of the Keating 4 wants to do it, so he resorts to his last option: he reveals to Wes that Rebecca has been dead all this time. Wes shoots him in the stomach and not in the leg as he had planned, and before he ends his life, she whispers, "Christophe." Annalise loses consciousness little by little and the ambulance takes her to the hospital, where she is treated and survives.

After a couple of weeks in the hospital, Annalise returns home and when medicated begins to hallucinate with a baby, which is left by Rose, however, when she is aware she does not remember anything she saw. Shortly after in the trial of Catherine Annalize states that she shoots him, but loses his balance and his wound begins to bleed, reason why the judge decides not to take into account the declaration of Annalize. Annalise manages to convince Caleb that Catherine says that he shoots her, and she says she shot him but was drugged. Finally they get their way again and Annalize goes home alone, despite the fact that Bonnie apologizes to her for telling her she wanted him to die. Nate cares about her and will talk to her about whether she wants to die. Annalize tells him no and asks him to leave. After the case and everything, at night Annalise arrives at her room and finds Wes in his bed next to an empty bottle of pills. Wes asks about how he knows his real name and knows his mother. Annalise refuses to respond and Wes gets annoyed and approaches her. Annalize yells at him to leave. Wes listens to her, and soon after, she stays home alone, but starts to hear noises in the living room, so she goes downstairs and finds the baby again. One sees little by little that Annalize is holding the baby, but soon we see that it continues imagining and it is not holding nothing really.

Annalise arrives at the court and virtually ignores her students as she enters the courtroom of her new client. Annalise tells Bonnie that she does not need the help of Keating 5 (without Wes), and then the judge arrives to finish the case, however, the victim's mother complicates the case and Bonnie puts the boys to work. Laurel discovers that Wes is in a mental institution trapped for a few hours by joking about suicide and reproaches him to Annalize not to take him out. Caleb asks Annalize for help, and she rejects him. Then Laurel tells everyone and one by one they unite against Annalize and resign. Frank and Bonnie stay by her side and help her win the case. Frank talks to Nate and asks about Philip, but he still does not know anything, and then asks him to talk to Annalize because it's not right. Nate brings a dinner to Annalize and waits at her door, but Annalise is in Wes's apartment, where she is hiding while waiting for Wes to get home and find a packet of files on his mother's case. Nate leaves, and Annalize returns home to find her dinner with a note. Upon entering the house and starting to eat, Annalise receives the call from Connor, who tells him that Philip sent him a video of that night.

Annalise sees the video that Philip sent Connor with Bonnie and he tells him that Philip saw everything they did that night. After analyzing it Annalize tells her that she is not in the video, and asks what she wants her to do. Connor tells him they need help. Annalize tells him that they hurt his feelings and Connor defends himself saying that she made them shoot him. Annalise points out that only Laurel shot him and that the others ran as usual, but Connor tells him that he's coming back to stop the bleeding and tells him that maybe he's the reason he's still alive, and then asks him to please help them . Annalise accepts and tells Bonnie to call the others except Wes and they all except Wes and Laurel. Then Philip tries to extort them all. Annalise and Michaela go with Caleb and she tells him that it will help him find Philip as it is a common interest, but asks him for a $ 250,000 cash advance so no one knows they are working together. Annalise asks Caleb to talk to Catherine to find out if he knows anything else that he has not told them yet, and although he initially refuses, he decides to go and talk to his sister in prison, where Catherine tells him that Philip is the brother who is He understood her and told her not to believe him.

He later has a dinner with Nate; Nate is still worried about her, and Annalize is annoyed. Nate tells her that she will leave, and Annalize tells her that she is only worried about waiting for the moment when she wants to take revenge for what she did to him. Nate tells him that he will not betray her, and that it is also difficult to find out what his relationship is like now. Annalize shows him the video of Philip to Nate and he advises him not to negotiate with him, and Annalize tells those to his students. While the countdown for the 36 hours ends. Annalize tells them that they could easily say that it was taken on a different night. Time is running out and nothing happens, so Annalize tells them to get their work done for once, but while they celebrate Philip sends another email to Connor. Everyone is scared again but when they open they see another video: this time from the previous night is a video about Annalize and Nate.

Bonnie asks him when that was and she replies to him the night before, but then Laurel arrives furious and demands to talk to Annalize alone. Annalise takes her to his office, and Laurel asks if she knew all this time, as she pulls out the sheet from Ohio. Annalize asks him what he's talking about until he reads the sheet and says Christophe, his 12-year-old son, is a potential suspect in his mother's death. Annalize tells him that it was not him and that she has no right to ask any of that, and that if Wes wants to know something he should ask himself the question. In class, Annalize says that not a day goes by without them lying to their clients, but that does it because their job as lawyers is to defend their clients from everything and / or all. At the mansion, everyone discusses what to do about Philip and the video I send about Annalize and Nate, while Annalize thinks and Bonnie tells them to calm down, but soon they receive another email from Philip with a video of that same morning with Caleb At the Hapstall Mansion.

After thinking about all this Annalise tells them to give the computer with the videos, and although Connor initially opposes Annalize says he will not continue to risk their lives. Annalise goes with the computer to the court and enters the DA's office. There he accepts a treatment of immunity, but in fact sends the police to register the house of Annalize. Annalise discovers it when Nate informs him and she does a trick next to its associates and manages to turn the play to him, reason why Denver ends up accepting the deal. That night Annalise sleeps at Nate's house, but Wes enters the Keating Mansion and finds the police report Laurel brought. The following morning, Annnalise and Prosecutor Denver watch the videos Philip sent them about the night Emily Sinclair was murdered, and although the physicist suspects that her students were running from the scene of the crime, Annalise argues that Video has no date and insurance was some other night, but the FTC is still hesitating. Annalise mocks him and tells him that he has a lot of imagination. When Annalize arrives, she tells her students to go after all of them so they must keep quiet.

Laurel continues to urge Annalize to look for Wes, and this makes Annalize think; Annalise goes to Wes's apartment and walks in when he sees a shadow, Annalise talks to him and tells him they have to talk but eventually gets a call from Eve in which he tells her that Wes is with her in New York and Annalize asks him to call To 911 and runs off, but Philip attacks her before leaving. Annalise manages to escape, and Eve arrives at the Commissary with Wes to take her home. In her room Annalize talks to Eve about her date, Eve invites her to New York but she rejects her again. Then he discovers that Caleb is missing. Eve argues with Nate and then decides to leave, but Wes asks for answers about her mother, to which Annalize responds by saying that this matter is between them two. Frank brings a bottle of vodka to Annalize in her office and she is left alone to drink. Later Nate calls her to see how she is, and shortly afterwards she asks him why Wes visits her ex-girlfriend, and she deflects the subject and thanks her for worrying about her.

Bonnie tells Annalize to stop drinking because they have everyone in the room and asks about Wes. Annalise gets upset and runs all of his house except for Wes, and makes him enter his office. There he gives her a glass of vodka and tells him that her mother's death was not her fault, if not her because I press her too hard. She also tells him that she was trying to protect him, and when Wes asks her that she reveals that her father is Wallace Mahoney. Annalize cries in her bed as she watches the photograph taken with Sam and her baby in the hospital. Meanwhile, a drunken Laurel arrives at the Keating mansion and demands answers to Annalize about what I talk to Wes, and accidentally reveals that Frank killed Lila. Annalise packs clothes and goes with her mother, who receives it saying "There is my baby". Annalise returns to her mother's house and her sister wakes her up, then Ophelia interrupts them while they speak to tell her to dress because I invite her family. Annalize goes down to the party and feels uncomfortable, but then notes that his brother is wearing one of Sam's outfits. At lunch he finds that his mother and father are seeing each other again. Annalise reproaches that to his mother. Shortly after Nate arrives to look for it and tells him that they have a warrant against her and must return, but Ophelia and Celestine invite him to stay.

At the dinner Annalize discusses with her parents and Ophelia reproaches him for never having children, but then Annalize rises and starts dancing with his family and Nate. Later Annalize, after saying goodbye to Nate, reveals to her mother that if she had a baby but he died. Ophelia can not sleep and raises Annalize to take her to the patio and dig a hole. Ophelia gives Annalise a leaf and tells her that she needs to say goodbye to her son so she can move on. Annalize writes a note to her son and buries her, then cries in her mother's lap. The next morning, the father of Annalize finds his phone and takes it to his daughter, but she asks him to leave his mother alone. Annalize then turn on your phone and listen to the messages left by the Keating 5 and Denver, so you decide it's time to return to Philadelphia. At the Annalise police station he tells Denver that Caleb is the real Hapstall killer and he did everything to blame Philip. Denver stops Philip and the case closes. At night, when Annnalise arrives at the mansion Keating meets Bonnie and she defends Frank, but she tells him that after everything that has happened he still relies on men; Annalize tells Bonnie that Frank has to go.

Season 3

Annalise and Eva are in a bar drinking and 2 male lawyers approach them. Later she gets home and is somewhat tipsy so Nate has to help her. The next morning she passes off the case to Asher to handle. Things come to a halt in the courtroom when she is informed that her law license has been suspended due to "gross misconduct." A video of Annalise slapping her previous client across the face was leaked, which is what led to her license suspension. Later, Annalise reveals to Eva she used Sam's life insurance money to hire a hitman to find Frank because she wants to make him pay for indirectly killing her baby. After yelling at the board president, Annalise also finds out that her tenure has been nullified. When she goes home she gets in a fight with Nate, calling him a "little bitch" and yelling at him to hit her. At her preliminary disciplinary hearing, she claims that she's become an alcoholic to deal with Sam's death, the shooting and the flyers, but she will enter treatment if it gets her her license back. Afterwards she tells Eva and they kiss but Eva pulls away and tells her that she has a girlfriend who wants her to move to San Francisco. Annalise urges Eva to do it and they embrace. Towards the end of the episode, Bonnie tells Annalise that her pedophile father was dead and that she had been listed as his next-of-kin. ("Don't Tell Annalise")

In a series of flash forwards it is shown that Annalise's house has burnt down and that someone has been found dead inside it. As the season progresses it is revealed that it was Wes that was found inside the house dead. This is likely to cause tremendous pain in Annalise's life since she had done so much to protect him only for her to lose him. ("Who's Dead?")


  • In an original version of the "Pilot" script, her name was Annalise DeWitt.
  • Annaliese is bisexual. (it's complicated)
  • Her character has been mentioned in the show called "Scream Queens".
  • She is from Memphis, Tennesssee. (S2x15)
  • Annalise also had a strong son like relationship with Wes Gibbins


Season 1
"Pilot" "It's All Her Fault" "Smile, or Go to Jail" "Let's Get to Scooping" "We're Not Friends"
"Freakin' Whack-a-Mole" "He Deserved to Die" "He Has a Wife" "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me" "Hello, Raskolnikov"
"Best Christmas Ever" "She's a Murderer" "Mama's Here Now" "The Night Lila Died" "It's All My Fault"
Season 2
"It's Time to Move On" "She's Dying" "It's Called the Octopus" "Skanks Get Shanked" "Meet Bonnie"
"Two Birds, One Millstone" "I Want You to Die" "Hi, I'm Philip" "What Did We Do?" "What Happened to You, Annalise?"
"She Hates Us" "It's a Trap" "Something Bad Happened" "There's My Baby" "Anna Mae"
Season 3
"We're Good People Now" "There Are Worse Things Than Murder" "Always Bet Black" "Don't Tell Annalise" "It's About Frank"
"Is Someone Really Dead?" "Call It Mother's Intuition" "No More Blood" "Who's Dead?" "We're Bad People"
"Not Everything's About Annalise" "Go Cry Somewhere Else" "It's War" "He Made a Terrible Mistake" "Wes"


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