Andrew Friedman is a minor actor on How to Get Away with Murder, who portrays the role of Mr. Fowler.



Andrew Friedman brought smiles and laughter to countless audiences over the course of his film career. Friedman's early roles were in comedies like "Soup For One" (1982) with Saul Rubinek and "Girlfriends" (1996) with Bethany Anderson. He continued to act in productions like the Bruce Willis smash hit action flick "Live Free or Die Hard" (2007), "Closing Escrow" (2007) with April Barnett and the Will Forte comedy "The Brothers Solomon" (2007). He also appeared in the action movie "Max Payne" (2008) with Mark Wahlberg. Friedman most recently acted on "W/ Bob & David" (Netflix, 2015-).[1]


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