"Always Bet Black" is the 33rd episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


Annalise presents her class with a high-profile murder case that pushes even the Keating 5's morals, while Laurel makes a shocking discovery through an unlikely source.[2]


Flash Forward: Oliver is inside of Annalise’s clinic where he hooks the phone up to a computer. He is nervous and jittery. He hears footsteps and ducks behind a desk. An officer is seen walking passed the room. Oliver returns to the crime scene, and Bonnie catches him to make sure Oliver wiped the phone clean, as per Annalise’s instructions. She tells him that Annalise called her from prison, and she asks if he erased everything from the phone. He says yes, and the two of them move closer to the scene of the crime. Bonnie uses the excuse of being Annalise's lawyer, and she tries to get information about Annalise's charges. Oliver slips the phone onto the ground under the ambulance, making it look like the phone had been dropped by Annalise in the process of getting arrested. Soon-after, an official yells "We have another body. It has a pulse". We learn the there was another in the house when the fire ignited.

Notes and Trivia Edit

 Notes Edit

  • This episode scored 4.40 million viewers.

 Title Edit

  • When Connor, Oliver, Michaela and Asher have all been betting and winning for a while, Michaela declared that you ‘Always bet black.’ Asher then replied without thinking, “And I’ll never go back”. Michaela was not amused.

Music Edit

  • Irreversible - Miamigo
  • Better - Soto Voce





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